Sunday 19 September 2021

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EXAMPLE : Agent BOND registered only 1 slip with ₦1 million for a period of one month, and in that slip 30 games selection was made and there was no winning.
Agent BOND will be paid 30% of ₦1 million which is ₦300,000 as commission due to some circumstances that was the only game he played for a period of one month and ₦300,000 was the only commission received for the month.
Since there was no winning Agent BOND has made gross profit of 1 million for the company 25% of ₦1 million is ₦250,000
The question is how much bonus will be paid to agent BOND for that month recall the total commission received for that month is ₦300,000 applying the formula
Monthly bonus = (Total stake (₦1,000,000) — Total payout (0) X 0.25) – (Total commission Received (₦10,000))
Monthly Bonus =25% Share (₦250,000)- Total commission (₦300,000)
Monthly Bonus = – ₦50,000
Result is on a Negative balance of ₦50,000. It means the total commission received is greater than the 25% of the profit share so Bonus will not be paid to Agent BOND but Agent BOND total earning for that month is ₦300,000 which is ₦50,000 greater than what agent JAMES earned combined.
So it doesn’t matter if your sales is over ₦150,000 every month and you don’t receive monthly bonus you should be happy to be in that situation because It means your type of customers makes you earn bigger commission.


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